analogue exercise


Outcome. Khim and I were excited about these whole Polaroid things. To admit, it’s our first time that ‘start’ button pushed. And we lost quite a lot of films, by carelessly using the broken machines are one of the major reason. Rarely read┬áthe manual which is embarrassing. Things to be adjusted are ourselves, not from buying new camera or checking quality, or even read the manual. Because we’ll naturally do all that, if we only pay attention to what we’re gonna do. Even taking photos about meaningless subject. The second of hopes, fears, expectation, the fun part, the moment or nothingness. Almost thirty years of living my life, having an analogue exercise seem to make its useful sense this time. Might be way too ordinary, too simple to tell and too cliche. Me just discovered.

time spent together

Polaroid from natty :>

our version of events 31 12 2012



Just gave food offerings to the monks around neighborhood, but the scene of morning folks have unexpectedly enlightened my mind, real life and some bitterness that actually kept me going.

my kind of first christmas gathering 25 12 2012

dreamwork 21 08 2012

Photograph by Anong Viv

A lunch with Computer Arts Team and almost five months have spent here.

random 19 08 2012

random 18 08 2012

favourite pick


as the sticky weather outside

stick collector

a present for myself, bought it from parden : cafe and zakka shop